About Loveridge


In the spaces between playing music in various bandsĀ and facing all the working, sleeping, drinking, thinking and blinking that life threw at him, ‘Loveridge’ was born!

The act started out exclusively as an acoustic covers act, where classics from bands such as Cream, Oasis, the Black Crowes, Marvin Gaye and the Beatles were mixed up with more contemporary tunes and given a unique, funky, soulful, acoustic treatment.

The set list broadened, taking in more lively tunes, laid back riffs and even a couple of slower, thoughtful songs and all of a sudden Loveridge (a.k.a. Toby Lobb) found himself playing at a range of venues and to a diverse crowd.

Wanting to get thoughts from pen and paper, to an old guitar and then out into the big wide world, he sat down, recorded a few songs in a small room and crossed his fingers.
Switching from folk-inspired tales of the sea and his love of Cornwall to more contemporary tunes about love, life, loss and redemption, there is always a common theme running through each song.

This is just honest music about life as we all know it. You win some, you lose some and now, in Loveridge’s case, you occasionally write a song or two about it.

So if you’re after an acoustic act to provide you with heartfelt original tunes or songs that you know and love, look no further than ‘Loveridge’.

Enjoy the site and the music…..

Head to bbc.co.uk/introducing, upload your music and you could have your tracks broadcast on BBC Radio

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